Lapland pike fishing

Welcome for a fantastic fishing adventure in the magic Swedish Lapland.

This huge territory offers and endless alternatives to the predator anglers , big lakes with cristal clear water where pikes are very agressive and can reach giant sizes , rivers and rapids where the  wild brown trout  and  beautiful graylings are plentifull , smaller lakes  to explore ….

The wilderness is everywhere and it is not rare to spot elks , fish eagles, otters, reindeers (those are half wild but sill nice to encounter in the middle of nowhere) when going fishing and travelling on non paved roads or during the day when exploring the shoreline with the boats.

We offer you exclusiv guided fishing on 3 of the major lakes of northern Lapland , and the main target is mr pike , we head to shallow bays and fish them with top water lures most of the time  or jerkbaits when we look  for slightly deeper spots .

The flyfisherman can enjoy of course their passion to he best fishing the shallow areas  and real big pikes get caught that way and you can immagine the thrill of fighting a 20 LBS plus pike in 70 cm of water with a fly rod .

When it comes to talk about sizes, well there are really big chances to catch a trophy pike over 1m15 (in 2016 big pikes up to 1m34 have been caught in these lakes).

Lake trouts can ge very big as well but are seldom caught when not looking specifically for them , but when  fishing around islands and casting a bit to the open water can  bring a big surprise most of the time well over 2 kg .

It is easier to target the brown trouts along with the graylings in the rapids bewteen the lakes and in local rivers (if desire we can organise one or two full days chasing these beauties instead of the pikes).

Last but not least there are big schools of perch which when you get into them  can make your day on their own , being so numerous and reaching as well  good sizes up to 50 cm (average is more 30/35 cm) .

Accomodation is provided in a fully equiped cabin, with modern kitchen, wifi internet access, shower, wc, tv, bbq …. And as closed as possible to the water where you can give som exra cast to pikes , trouts and grayling if you still want some extras after a long day on the water with us.

Restaurants and pubs are a few minutes away if you’d rather relax that way after your fishing day.

Fishing occurs only for 4 weeks in July because it is the BEST season and the midnight sun is almost there untill the end of the month making the experience even more magic .

We only take 4 anglers per week , and 2 guides all the 6 days are present to give you the best service possible  .

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese , German , French and Swedish and have Klass 8 Swedish qualifications required to guide you on these huge and rocky water bodies .