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Welcome to Sweden Predator Fishing world.

presentation sweden predatorSince 1998 we are offerering with success sportfishing destinations in Sweden escpecially for big pikes but pike perch , perch and trouts as well .

We live here all year round, we are always looking to offer you access to the best spots where you we be spending the fishing trip of your dreams.

Accomodations are cosy and well equiped and furnished, they are always as close as possible from the fishing waters. You will enjoy your stay in one of these locations.

Västervik, the big Mälaren lake, high Lapland, the wild archipelago of Tjust, private lakes , you have several opions to choose from in order to match your expectations.

You can have a guided holiday by real pro fishing guides or just discover by yourself your own fishing spots (with allways good advices from us of course).

You can come as a group, small parties  or even as a single angler, we will have a solution to accomodate you .

Because a fishing trip is not only fishing, we will show you the nature around , the wild game (seals, elks, deers ,boars …) and the birds (geese, ducks, fish eagles, wild svans, ospreys ..)  .

We will tell you  stories and explain specificities of some historical and cultural places, and eventually of some local legends we know.

Our organisation is fully licenced , insured and has all the requirements as fishing guides (KLASS 8 certification) that is needed in Sweden  .

We are looking forward to see you and share with you our passion of fishing, going over endless  cristal clear waters where the predators  are waiting for your lure.

Alain Cavard and all the SPF  team.



Fishing Camps


Västervik guided tours

We are back to this fantastic big pike destination that we introduced at the end the 90’s and where we have guided for 8 years several hundreds of anglers with success.

The archipelago is beautifull and has more than 4 000 islands, surrounded by beautiful swedish nature, wilderness, lot’s of birds and even mamals.

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Västervik Tjust

Welcome to he magic archipelago of Tjust.

Just about 30 km north of Västervik by boat lies some nice sheltered bays where fishing is always possible whatever the wheather conditions are.

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Welcome for a fantastic fishing adventure in the magic Swedish Lapland.

This huge territory offers and endless alternatives to the predator anglers , big lakes with cristal clear water where pikes are very agressive and can reach giant sizes.

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Private lakes

These two lakes are located in the Kalmar Län county about 40 minutes drive from the touristic city of Västervik.

You will have access to more than 500 hectares of private and exclusive fishery where a total of 6 boats max is allowed to fish each week.

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Sweden Predator Fishing Team

We welcome you on the very best fishing spots of Sweden !

  • Alain

  • Claudine

  • Emil

Contact & Informations


Alain Cavard : +34 624 11 90 03

Email : wpffishing@gmail.com